July 2015

she (random cl post) wrote:

(I can’t live without you)

I can’t live without you.
I’ll die, crumble into ash,
waste away to nothing, because my fire is gone,
because only you can light it, my dark prince.

But you stay forever in the shadows eluding me,
teasing me, turning me on,
making me ache with the want of you,
then like a butterfly flit away from my grasp.

Just once I’d like to see you solid, whole.
I’d like you to hold me, and let the world melt with us

i wrote:
i only walk these shoes
for a glimpse of you
in the hanging shades of
this life.

one moment where i
may, if i may,
see some destination.
some harbor
far from my origination.
just once i’d like to see
you see me.
for what i am.
unbroken but seeking
to be whole.
then hold me as i you.
i only walk these shoes


walking i came across a low stone hedge.
placing my hand on the topmost stone, I felt a tinge.
an invitation, ruly and warm, for my rest to pledge.
hinged like second nature, rock marbled at the fringe
i sat.

where are you?
i have walked a score of time for your shores
and found you only to forfeit that
short time meant to be forever.
i will walk another score.
another life.
without that which we strive.
with that which we
promised yesterday.
how can i live today?

getting up, i looked to the original path.
a route of mimicry that held no
pioneering credit for me.
a lane traversed by many
more sad than i.
truly the road less traveled
and often despised
by those claiming wisdom
in unwarranted haste.
it is the setting sun that
spurs my travel.

where are you?
i have walked a score of time
to see your smile and
when i did i lost the
will to smile back.
it is because the
morning sun brings
the possibility
of when i will at last.