December 2016

enter the pigeon…… – sur le 5s

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………… jungle king

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Survival of the stainless…… – sur le 5s

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she (random cl post) wrote:

Stella Ying Ling Biue Moon Peroni Shock Top

I am not a drinker but I guess I’ve had a few.

I just want to say I am impressed and a bit casually jealous of how cool you are. Seriously. I know it comes from not needing me like I have come to need you. I kind of would like to have been a pair of eyes on you in those initial days of courting, that mode I found myself uninvited to be in 😂☺️😂☺️😂☺️ That emotion I am slowly coming to grips with, having to get over, feeling for you. I just would love to see you in love. Still cool I’m sure but probably with a lot of extra cute. I wish to hear your true story oh well this is cl

I replied:

Goose McCallan Tanqueray Ten

I used to love drinking and now cling restless on this wagon

I just have to say I wish I knew you. How easily distraught when caught in my own reflection. When reaching out I admire the angle to shape of my own hand while missing to hold yours. There’s more I’m sure. Less of me is what should be but I can’t but feel a short contraction in my reverie. That up and down and round about to myself. Being observed and observing the skein of my feelings unravel into yours. I love to be in love and that inevitable invertibility makes me fall out of love. I used to think that was cool. Now I’m not so sure. If I were to pass a thousand souls, carelessly and casually on these california streets, would I even know it was you? That’s where the real story would begin to tell… oh well, this is cl