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6:00am glances in the
mirror leave me scathed with
thoughts of you.
everyday has been like a wraith
to my discretion, and I roll
on to paranoia with the
conviction of your mouth
to mine.

we can ask the world what this is.
the neurosis of loving
when we had no business of doing so.
no more rovings and meetings –
the makings of severance.

intolerance was ever free.
tell me, did you leave your
promises by the tree where we laid
and dallied for the months that
were never to be.

i am back from the dead –
west of eden on a side of paradise
that this hub of urban rock
praises to no end. i am bending
my pretenses to suit you insteading
of ending the charade that is us.
lust made its cue, went askew and fell
in constellation drops on you and the
few breaths drawn in lieu of our silohuetting
in this metropolitan view.

hold the moon and cry to the dawn –
sleepless yawns over the lawn
of bygone memories in the clouded
song of the morning.

never leave but stay only a while.
tiles of habitual self mockery
make me tense for your love and
takes the relief from my
tapered sighs – every line that found
a minute on the strand of our lost

it is still a wasteland where we play
and hate our hampered humanity humming
humbly in our homes. it creeps. it leaps.
it is the last of my taunting.
it must be me pretending to be

just remember in december when
i encumber you with touches sombre
that i wondered if we could
ever be.