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The city is blue
according to you.

Try as some will.
Think as some are wont.

A town like this is full
of the clinically sane.

Ten blinks of Nystagmus
And I find that the rotation
of the world is inconstant.
A reflex from
loving you like this.

The sky is blue
for me.

I have nothing to lose.
I choose my fatalism
a clue.
If I knew, but Ido.
It is still you.

Place a bit of me
easy on your hips
as you take the
curl from my tongue –
Claiming that the
World is a folded
Piece of origami.

Side to side.

I had to kiss you
For the salvation
Of your insanity.

The moment is blue.

I enjoy the slow tease
Of making nostalgia,

The indescribable tango
Of tragedy and lovemaking.

Your smirk in the midst of it all.

How blue this city can be.