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i’m a fool with a wall
daft and tall.
i’m a fool for you
when remembering at all.
When the hour slows
keenly to a crawl and
i find myself wondering
why you aren’t here
laying with me,
breathing softly,
needing the simplest
things in life –
good, clean water.
a morning saunter.
each other.

duty calls.
obligations stall.
the daily race to ball
as though we all
had the gift
of gall to
make it at all.
does that even matter?
these trifles and baubles
that line our hall.
these cards we horde
where the check
may fall.
when all we seek
is wherewithal.

these silly pursuits
nothing when posed
next to you.
on this morn when
i can mull it through.
that nag railing
my heart, in truth,
teeters my mood
with symptoms
long overdue.
indicative of a fall.
it’s friday morning
already, and i’m
laying alone in bed.
a fool with a wall.