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i do like you.
so i do.
what are you
going to do
about it?
nothing, it seems.
quite alright.
memory leads me to a smile
and that cannot be taken away.
those things we say to pass
the day are little nothings we
take as companions to an
easy sleep. even easier dreams.
you like me.
just a bit.
but that will
get us nowhere.
you live having
been hurt – those burns.
trust is elusive.
slippery. truly earned.
living one’s younger days
should not be in
sad recollection
but in anticipation
of tomorrow.
eager to seize the day.
more so to make momentos.
i can write the most
sullen lines but i
would rather you and i
remember the glad
things about sharing.
laughter at crotchety old
men at the concession
stand the first time we
saw a movie.
seafood by the pier
when that place was
new to me.
water falling crisply
in a narrow, hazy drop
on the flats of chantry.
i see no need to
list faults with you
or the scenario
between us.
if we cannot be.
if we should not
you should know,
i still smile for
what has been.