June 2017


on 6/20/17 vania kim wrote “Dream Of Me”

Wisk me away within your dreams
Into your world of conceptualized seems.
Take me with you as you go.
Asphyxiated in waves of your undertow.
Scoop me up and carry me
Spin me round your reverie.
Hold my hand, a clasp to keep.
Please dont leave me as you sleep.
Take me to where your mind wanders
As the clock counts down I ponder…
If we’ll meet before you wake
On the shores of a fancied lake,
We’ll share a moment in the sand
Tracing the lines in our knitted hands.
I’ll hold your gaze as you have mine
Unspoken words sheathed lost time.
You built for me the finest deck
A boat forged from spasmodic wreck.
And as we sail we await the wake
That our real is better than the dreams we make.
I pray this feeling shall never rend
For loving you will be my end.
I miss you even as you slumber
Jealous of inert wonders.
Let me stay with you my love
No second spent will be enough.
Im in the shallows, heel me deep,
Take me with you as you sleep.

on 6/22/17 i replied:

Our history – disjuncted yet somehow connected.
A beautiful kind of scoliosis, in standing, perfected.
I finally see you in a line from your glance to mine.
Your eyes full of language unspoken when we rewind.

Our days fall into nights that fade into our dawn.
A hint of our tomorrows buried, longingly, in your song.
I feel my soul blazing – a once dark star.
You light this life, you lift me far.

Our love huddled like our inner child pressed against our walls.
A steady ship to bear us when, anxiously, fate calls.
I feel your heart blazing where once stardust fell.
Let me show you my love – too wide, too deep to tell.

on 6/1/17 vania kim wrote:

I breathe in your sweet scent.
A redolence Ive grown to covet.
Your steady heartbeat pumping a melodic consonance into my ear
as I rest quietly upon your chest.
Your lips pursed in enervation.
Eyelids fluttering from dreams amidst.
I gaze upon your slumber.
My fingertips delicately slipping in and out of your raven strands of hair in admiration.
Waiting for the morning sun to come, so I can see those beautiful orbs of terracotta awaken behind those
occluded eyes…
Good morning love

on 6/3/17 i replied:

If I took a little time –
selfishly for my own
To do what hearts like mine
are prone to do when every line
traces itself to you.

A bit of time to breathe –
suddenly on my own.
To know this breath of mine,
slow and sure, is a quantum
entangled with yours.

As if for the first time –
Achingly new. Deliberately unknown.
To brave this world of ours,
spinning callously amongst the stars,
together with you….

Good evening, Love.