July 2017


My footsteps were heavy.
A child to the rain falling.
I should have stepped lightly
now that you are falling.
In dead space, you were floating.
Tears suspended in time.
Knowing was a painful thing.
Slipping sometimes when you climb
that arduous path back up.
The witchery that keeps you down.
Hovering silently above
an ocean where you may drown.
Nebulae apart, I smile a prayer.
For the ineptness of my ways
when our days were spent together.
That your star may, laughing, blaze.
To break this inert latitude of space.
So that I may once again see your face.

– His


Time traveling I lost you.
Discordant, concentric skipping.
Sipping slowly I saw you.
Trapped in your plane of view.
Reaching out I missed you.
As though another held you.
These delta dreams mock me.
Free of waking reasoning.
The gravity of my pining.
Bending my course of travel.
Dilating, my heart unravels.
These coarse strands of us.
Our impossible paradox dust.
It was the past I adored.
The tomorrows I strove for.
Faring these lines of time.
You were only briefly mine.
Time traveling I lost you.

– His


daydreaming i missed you.
wanted to tell you about these skies that murmur
when you and i are away from the other.
i shiver. muttering thoughts moving
ponderously from the center.
if ever i forgo the usual.
if ever i was hopeful.
know it is you i hold
this sky for.

deep in this spell we fell up.
bits of perception. an adjunct angle of view.
every turn that breaks from what we are used to.
what you used to be used to.
what i may not be used to.
as if our minds unbalanced by a bit.
as if our wills were misfit.
this binary disposition of mine.
that hexing grin of yours.
these engaging days of ours
like memoirs in a golden bottle
cast into space to fall
back into deep waters.

i thought i lost you.
tides in my eyes.
the swells that rise
and bring me closer.
you ground me.
running your fingers
across my demeanor.
i hold you closer.
this current that binds us.
this land charmed
by our endeavor
if ever there was an ever.
if ever lovers err.
your hand in mine.
we can do this.
let us swim for
those farther shores
of deep learning.
your hand in mine.
we can do this.