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Survival of the stainless…… – sur le 5s

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she (random cl post) wrote:

Stella Ying Ling Biue Moon Peroni Shock Top

I am not a drinker but I guess I’ve had a few.

I just want to say I am impressed and a bit casually jealous of how cool you are. Seriously. I know it comes from not needing me like I have come to need you. I kind of would like to have been a pair of eyes on you in those initial days of courting, that mode I found myself uninvited to be in 😂☺️😂☺️😂☺️ That emotion I am slowly coming to grips with, having to get over, feeling for you. I just would love to see you in love. Still cool I’m sure but probably with a lot of extra cute. I wish to hear your true story oh well this is cl

I replied:

Goose McCallan Tanqueray Ten

I used to love drinking and now cling restless on this wagon

I just have to say I wish I knew you. How easily distraught when caught in my own reflection. When reaching out I admire the angle to shape of my own hand while missing to hold yours. There’s more I’m sure. Less of me is what should be but I can’t but feel a short contraction in my reverie. That up and down and round about to myself. Being observed and observing the skein of my feelings unravel into yours. I love to be in love and that inevitable invertibility makes me fall out of love. I used to think that was cool. Now I’m not so sure. If I were to pass a thousand souls, carelessly and casually on these california streets, would I even know it was you? That’s where the real story would begin to tell… oh well, this is cl

Two years pass.
Rocked round the surly wraith
of your embrace.
These moments set
my neurons apace.
Leaves my resolve agape.
Were it not for shame.
A penchant for grace.
Would I pen these
nocturnal thoughts for
rhetoric’s sake?
Under the moonlit guile
of this evening’s break,
romps the remains of
our ruse… gathered willfully
against our bosoms in
reflection’s wake.
The high rise horizon
of our modern vista,
bathed in neon necessity,
calls to me as you
once did.
Resplendent and free.

just one night.
i promise i will.
’til this beleaguered
heart leaves me.
just one kiss.
i know i’ll till.
it’s just your face
so close to mine
makes contradiction
easy to convention.
i can’t move.
just one anchor.
so i know i have
shore. a reach
for that sentiment
of yours.
were we predictable?
a clinical dream?
a farce…a meme?
a taste like that mint
of contemporary seeming?
i would rather
one night.
at a time.
a scheduled ritual
rather than timed
schedule. that is me.
i am sorry.
why would you even care?
hazard that hope
and we both die.
seize the fear
and we both lie.
inverted we live.
diverted we strive.
am i too naive
to believe?
have we come to
the bend?
a crux in our
eagerness to spend.
so i see you
and you fault me.
i still love
the day that you
once loved.
a moment that keeps
me still.

she (random cl post) wrote:

I don’t know why I’m posting this, but here goes.
Life has me jaded, intellects don’t interest me, so what if you read philosophy and know all about the world’s history? It never made me happier knowing these things about war and dead ideologies that are now replaced by materialism and Hollywood like politics. Good looks on a man, they fade, and don’t I know this too as a woman, it only attracted attention and praise of the temporary and phonies. Our souls, well I really don’t believe I have one or ever did, and that maybe is because i haven’t seen fire in anyone else’s including mine in a very long time.
Dating, traveling, relationships, endless office jobs, school, meetings, relapsing, getting back to square one again, circles of friends fading till no one is left, this is life. And it’s a party of one now, no matter what they say, who is there, it’s only me. Does anyone else feel this? Whats left when it seems like we’ve experienced all there is to?
“I’ve seen it all I’ve seen the willow leaves dancing in the breeze.. Have you seen China? Have you seen the Great Wall? A ll walls are great if the roof doesn’t fall… And the man you will marry the home you will share, to be honest …” Bjork and Tom York tiny dancer

i wrote:

I don’t know why either. Why I browse Craig’s short list. Why the long sighs exhibited as I try to make sense of why.

Don’t be jaded. Don’t be fooled. You’re only 27 and I’m an old soul. I’ve seen mine and vanity makes me grow cold – preserved like an icy stalagmite in these caves of our times.

Don’t like philosophy? Don’t like history? Not idealistic in today’s designed society? *laugh* is your subtle disdain for these contemporary days as stale as mine?

Looks fade and shallow convictions delay what we should always do: walk the straightest line to our due. That is the crux. When you and I connect as nothing else does.

Yeah, I’ve seen China. Not the great wall. That’s no great wonder to me. It is the feeling that a new place gives to my soul that makes wonderment of it all. And then I know I have yet to see it all. In thrall of this, I look forward to the next day sculpted by my thoughts – shaped by my actions.

Don’t be jaded….. you have much to live for. Amor.

she (random cl post) wrote:

(I can’t live without you)

I can’t live without you.
I’ll die, crumble into ash,
waste away to nothing, because my fire is gone,
because only you can light it, my dark prince.

But you stay forever in the shadows eluding me,
teasing me, turning me on,
making me ache with the want of you,
then like a butterfly flit away from my grasp.

Just once I’d like to see you solid, whole.
I’d like you to hold me, and let the world melt with us

i wrote:
i only walk these shoes
for a glimpse of you
in the hanging shades of
this life.

one moment where i
may, if i may,
see some destination.
some harbor
far from my origination.
just once i’d like to see
you see me.
for what i am.
unbroken but seeking
to be whole.
then hold me as i you.
i only walk these shoes


walking i came across a low stone hedge.
placing my hand on the topmost stone, I felt a tinge.
an invitation, ruly and warm, for my rest to pledge.
hinged like second nature, rock marbled at the fringe
i sat.

where are you?
i have walked a score of time for your shores
and found you only to forfeit that
short time meant to be forever.
i will walk another score.
another life.
without that which we strive.
with that which we
promised yesterday.
how can i live today?

getting up, i looked to the original path.
a route of mimicry that held no
pioneering credit for me.
a lane traversed by many
more sad than i.
truly the road less traveled
and often despised
by those claiming wisdom
in unwarranted haste.
it is the setting sun that
spurs my travel.

where are you?
i have walked a score of time
to see your smile and
when i did i lost the
will to smile back.
it is because the
morning sun brings
the possibility
of when i will at last.

If only for a moment
That I would love you
More than my life itself
Then that would be
A moment to live
As if love were my life.

If only for a spell
That you would gaze
Upon me as though
enraptured by the
Moment I cast my
Gaze in thrall to yours

These skies of Taipei
In diurnal contradiction
To the falling tides,
crestfallen and heavy,
On the morning
shores of my soul.
I do not want to go.
Those pastures that
Await me back home.
I do not want to go.
To that which is
familiar and known.
I do not want to go.
To my old life
Content but alone.
Rather would I be
In your arms on
This isle Formosa.
That this moment from
The center sever.
That this spell bind
This world ever.
That once bound
Is immutable as stone.
If only for a moment.