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walking i came across a low stone hedge.
placing my hand on the topmost stone, I felt a tinge.
an invitation, ruly and warm, for my rest to pledge.
hinged like second nature, rock marbled at the fringe
i sat.

where are you?
i have walked a score of time for your shores
and found you only to forfeit that
short time meant to be forever.
i will walk another score.
another life.
without that which we strive.
with that which we
promised yesterday.
how can i live today?

getting up, i looked to the original path.
a route of mimicry that held no
pioneering credit for me.
a lane traversed by many
more sad than i.
truly the road less traveled
and often despised
by those claiming wisdom
in unwarranted haste.
it is the setting sun that
spurs my travel.

where are you?
i have walked a score of time
to see your smile and
when i did i lost the
will to smile back.
it is because the
morning sun brings
the possibility
of when i will at last.

If only for a moment
That I would love you
More than my life itself
Then that would be
A moment to live
As if love were my life.

If only for a spell
That you would gaze
Upon me as though
enraptured by the
Moment I cast my
Gaze in thrall to yours

These skies of Taipei
In diurnal contradiction
To the falling tides,
crestfallen and heavy,
On the morning
shores of my soul.
I do not want to go.
Those pastures that
Await me back home.
I do not want to go.
To that which is
familiar and known.
I do not want to go.
To my old life
Content but alone.
Rather would I be
In your arms on
This isle Formosa.
That this moment from
The center sever.
That this spell bind
This world ever.
That once bound
Is immutable as stone.
If only for a moment.