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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Business Development

Desmuir understands that developing your business is much more than just marketing. Sure, marketing is a core competency, but to truly build your business for the long run, multiple disciplines from analysis, accounting, sales to strategic planning are necessary for that refined success in business model and scope. Desmuir sees the agile adaptability necessary in an ever changing landscape and global marketplace – especially online.

  • Business Planning
  • Marketplace Consulting
  • Strategic Initiatives


Kraftig Table Sauces
Market Decor Antique Treasures



We build brand awareness, value and equity… more

Business Development

Our clients’ companies grow and mature with us… more

Strategic Planning

All success begins with a well crafted plan of action… more


The foundation for your growth begins with us… more


Brand/Logo. Identity. Image. From web to print… more

Product Development

Desmuir helps your product development and placement… more


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