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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Business Development

Desmuir understands that developing your business is much more than just marketing. Sure, marketing is a core competency, but to truly build your business for the long run, multiple disciplines from analysis, accounting, sales to strategic planning are necessary for that refined success in business model and scope. Desmuir sees the agile adaptability necessary in an ever changing landscape and global marketplace – especially online.

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing & Sales Strategies
  • Operations Consulting

With marketing experience spanning multiple industries, Desmuir takes tried and true methods with all the contemporary extension of marketing to propel your business and product position and placement. Good marketing builds awareness and enhances sales. Great marketing builds brand equity and fosters sustainable growth.

Using a focal point of blended communications and results oriented planning in conjunction with our branding philosophy, the optimal marketing strategy is achieved.

We understand branding. We help our clients build a marketplace asset without the clutter of outdated methods. We understand the web, and more importantly, how best to build your brand using brick and mortar values with the latest in marketplace technologies. We understand demographics, and more subtly, pyschographics in the largest consumer market in the world. Collaborate with us and see your brand reach exciting heights.

Whether your brands is existent or yet to be, we know something is there, and we’ll help nurture that into the brand it was meant to be; in marketplaces full of opportunity.

We take product development seriously. As we fulfill for our in-house projects in line with our business development and branding, so we will for your products and goods. Our approach is based on the three tenets of strong ODM/OEM, user experience and logistic optimization. An approach that will put you an a competitive and operational advantage with competitors and market contenders.

From the wide array of IC design, tooling and sourcing to the spectrum of vendor liaison/negotiation to logistics optimization, Desmuir is poised to perform.

With a deep background in both Managerial and Financial account, Desmuir is able to meet your business’s need for expert financial analysis to better tackle profit and loss and understand your operating margins. From ERP software expertise to custom, ad hoc spreadsheets linked across multiple data sets, we’ve got you covered.

Your business and operations are among your most important investments, and we’ll help you duly and effectively maximize on time and financial interest.


BRANDIST[S]® Real equity.


For every service, product, place and channel, there’s leverage to be had in the form of branding. An intangible something that becomes everything to your business in whatever form it may be. We help you seed the foundation for growth and solidify any existing branding endeavors you may have. It’s a singular intent with the plurality of global business in mind.

With Desmuir, enhance what’s there. Build it. Grow it. Love it. Image is everything…. sometimes. It’s the best impression that counts and we’re here to make sure whether its the first time or hundredth time your brand is seen, it’s an impression that bodes well for growth, sales and market longevity. It’s not just fancy dressing, it’s a strong foot forward.

Tried and true, the components of a successful brand rarely deviate from the aforementioned. Desmuir takes the natural course of brand building and makes it a solid asset for your business. There is value to be had in brand. Equity as your business would have from any other venture or investment. That’s brand value.

Let us start today. Tomorrow’s promise is not broken.


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